Open letter to “Live-Tweet Mom”

By now, you have probably heard about the East Lansing, Michigan mother who sat in on abstinence day during her child’s sex ed course. Read here, and here.

She is touted as a “medical professor,” but apparently had plans other than to behave professionally. She violated school rules and live-tweeted her personal opinions about the content which have now gone viral.

Who did she tweet to? Who retweeted her tweets to make them go viral??

Following is an open letter to this mother:

Dear “Live-Tweet Mom,”

It is obvious that you had an agenda other than “concerned mother” when you visited your child’s sex ed class on abstinence day. What did you expect? I feel sad for your child, your partner, and your school district.

It is amazing that the “A” word was even used in a sex ed course! Abstinence is seldom used in Planned Parenthood/SIECUS type sex programs. When the term abstinence is used, it is usually redefined as “avoiding unprotected sex” and then this “new, progressive” definition is repeated a thousand times throughout the course to indoctrinate generations.

No one can verify the facts of this class, not even you. You weren’t there to listen. It was only one day. This is not an abstinence-only course, but an abstinence-only day.

You just outed the Sexual Rights Agenda that is so famous for saying that they do teach abstinence, but they want so-called “safe sex” taught, also. Really?

If an Abstinence Advocate sat in on a Planned Parenthood/SIECUS type sex class such as Making Proud Choices! or Be Proud! Be Responsible! and live-tweeted, do you think it would make national news and go viral?

Of course not!

No one would ever know about the sexual foreplay instructions for 11-13 year-olds showing them how to have “fun,” ”pleasurable,” “erotic,” oral, anal, and vaginal sex with condoms and extra lube. Is this age appropriate?

The Sexual Rights Network would continue to squash all media attempts to report medically accurate information that STDs such as HPV, Herpes, and Syphilis can be spread skin-to-skin, outside the protection of a condom. Holes in condoms are not required!

And, parents would never know that their daughters are trained to pleasure boys and help them regain erections. (Making Proud Choices! for middle schools.)

There would be no media outcry requiring that public schools stop teaching children how to have sex, which is not just a physical act, but involves the emotions and development of the adolescent brain. There would be no calls to protect our children’s brains from the pornography and “hands-on” skills taught in many sex classes today.

Teachers might still be fired or prosecuted for sexual liaisons with our children, but there would be no efforts to actually prevent the grooming of children and teens in our public schools, which sets them up for pregnancies, abortions, exploitation, human sex trafficking, prostitution, and the porn/sex industries.

The media blackout would enable Planned Parenthood, SIECUS, Kinsey Institute, and Advocates for Youth to continue their infrastructure building throughout all taxpayer institutions and the implementation of the National Sexuality Education Standards.

No. If a parent biased towards abstinence education were to live-tweet the pornographic content of today’s sex classes, nothing would happen.

What if schools had cameras in each sex class to provide live feeds and/or send the recordings to parents and taxpayers? Full disclosure and transparency!

Maybe then, parents – who have never known a day without sexual “freedom,” abortions, contraception, STDs, and chaotic family relationships – will also learn what is being taught to their child.

Maybe then, parents would realize that today’s sex ed is not about them. It is about their child’s future health, as well as their grandchildren’s likelihood of growing up in a home with their own parents who are emotionally and mentally capable of providing a safe and stable family environment for them.

This was obviously a setup and you received your moment of fame and fortune, but will your child? What about the other children in this school district?

What messages are they receiving from this fiasco?

Role of Government: Teaching Sexual Foreplay?


Next month, the Statesville-Iredell School Board in Statesville, North Carolina will decide whether Making Proud Choices!, a Safer Sex, sexual foreplay curriculum, that targets 11-13 year old minors, will be used for all 9th graders in their schools.

School Board member, Bryan Shoemaker, has taken the time to review Making Proud Choices! and is disturbed by its content. In an interview with Charlotte, NC WSOCTV, he expressed his concerns that Making Proud Choices! goes too far when teaching kids about sex.

Shoemaker says that Making Proud Choices! is about “using different types of lubricants; a lot of what they are talking about are methods of foreplay which are totally unacceptable in the 9th grade.”

Read more about Making Proud Choices! here…

Making Proud Choices! has been taught in Iredell County over the past few years for after-school programs thanks to a $4 million grant from the federal government. Each participating child is given $100 for completing the program. As you would imagine, attendance has been high and proponents brag about its success in driving down pregnancy rates for teens. But, are they playing with the data?

It is common for supporters of safe sex education (the Planned Parenthood/SIECUS Network) to lump all of the pregnancy data for teens into a broad 13-19 year age group. However, this manipulates the data, and the public, by claiming that teen pregnancy rates are much higher for younger teens than is fact.

If one is interested in the impact of middle and high school sex education on teen pregnancy rates, then using data from 15-17 year old teens is more appropriate and accurate. Research shows that teen pregnancy rates increase dramatically beginning at 18 and 19. After all, once a teen is emancipated at age 18, they are no longer the legal responsibility of school districts, or their parents.

If the rates of teen pregnancy are already dropping statewide and nationwide, then success based on a single program cannot be assumed. In the case of 15-17 year old teens in Iredell County and North Carolina, the data, indicates that teen pregnancies declined at the same rate as the state’s during the period 2000-2012. According to the data, the pregnancy rates in Iredell County were at its lowest in 2010, and it appears that 15-17 year old teen pregnancies in the county actually increased to the state level in 2012. In summary, teen pregnancy rates for 15-17 year old teens have not decreased more in Iredell County vs. NC and there has been no reliable research to show that Making Proud Choices! or any other single program is responsible for the impact.

As reported, Iredell-Statesville School District received $4 million for the Making Proud Choices! program to be taught in after-school programs. Now that the funding is running out they are pushing to expand the program into all of the 9th grade classes. Is the federal government buying their way into school districts by funding programs like Making Proud Choices!?

Why is the government using taxpayer money and taxpayer infrastructure to teach students sexual foreplay techniques in public schools?

While most states require that methods of contraception be taught in high school, it is outside the scope of most, if not all state laws, to teach students how to pleasure each other, regardless of age.

Do Legislators ever read the curricula they are voting to mandate in our schools?

The role of school districts is to teach students how to learn, how to be proficient in core subject matter, and how to become self-sufficient, productive members of society so that they can establish future healthy families that will also do the same. Teaching sexual foreplay techniques is not a core mission of our education system. Or is it?

Parents need to demand that schools teach only those subjects that further their child’s academic achievements. And, legislators and other elected officials need to actually read the Safe Sex curricula being used or promoted in their states and school districts.

It only takes a few good people to stop the Planned Parenthood/SIECUS Network in a school district. Just expose them by reading – verbatim – what they are teaching our children.