Sex Week Cometh

safe_imageBrought to you by Comprehensive (Sex) Health Education and the Planned Parenthood Network in your state. It begins in K4 and progressively indoctrinates your child to accept sexual activity just like they would flossing their teeth.

After almost 40 years of sex without boundaries in our schools, we have families formed chaotically or destroyed, children without fathers, mothers struggling to survive, sexual abuse is the norm, sexual assaults are just a matter of consent, minors told that they can consent to sex “if they like it,” children groomed for sex trafficking, domestic violence, murders in fragile, short term cohabiting relationships that result in custody battles over children, exploding welfare roles and entitlements, porn addicts who can’t make it out of high school, an unskilled and incompetent workforce that demands higher minimum wage to support their lifestyle, and healthcare that is more concerned about killing innocent unborn children than protecting life.

How’s that working for you…?

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Prevention: “Consent” for Drunk Sex?

Assault 2Sexual assaults must stop on college campuses. Victims should have legal recourse and perpetrators must be prosecuted. But, teaching students to “cover their ass” by getting “consent affirmations,” will do little to protect them.  


There is something else going on. 

College women tell us that they only had sex because they were drunk. That they often get drunk so that they will have the “nerve” to hook up at parties. This is nothing new.

Women and men have used booze forever to loosen up socially.

So, if the feds were serious about protecting students and preventing sexual assaults, they would crack down on illegal, underage drinking on federally funded college campuses. Research has shown that college women (18-25) who consume alcohol are at greater risk of sexual assault, STIs, HIV, and unwanted pregnancies.

Add to that, hook ups and regret sex.

The feds have used the sexual assault “crisis” to advance another agenda. Under the guise of prevention, the feds have expanded Title IX regulations to mandate all colleges receiving federal funding to specifically target “sexual violence based on gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity.” 

The feds used Harvard University to force precedence for the nation in how to deal with, not prevent, sexual assaults. Twenty-eight Harvard law professors protested the new policy as nothing more than “political correctness run amuck,” and also exposed another hidden motive of the administration:

 “In addition, the new policy established a university-wide Office for Sexual and Gender-Based Dispute Resolution at Harvard composed of trained investigators who are responsible for handling sexual and gender-based misconduct complaints against students ranging from harassment to rape.”

Progressive policies are almost always about advancing the Sexual Rights Agenda. Title IX will increase protections for “consensual sex” and gender identity issues, while offering little protection from sexual assaults or the allegations of such crimes.

Think about it! Enforcing underage drinking laws will not advance the Sexual Rights Agenda. They need the free flow of alcohol, drugs, and sex on college campuses to continue in business. If the alcohol dries up, their porn, abortion, and other sex industries will also suffer!

So, colleges will comply in 2015 with expanded Title IX regulations to keep their federal funding. They will also continue to provide plenty of free condoms, rape kits, IUDs, Plan B, referrals for abortions, and counselors to assure victims that sexual assault “is not their fault.”

And, students will be “trained” on how to “consent” to drunk sex.


College Life: Sober or Sex?

BingingAlcohol consumption is a real problem on most college campuses. Most of us know that alcohol can be dangerous, even deadly. Parents and college administrators need to get serious about stopping underage drinking and serving alcohol to minors.

With daily news reports about real and alleged sexual assaults, rapes, and hook ups on campus, we all need to be alert to underage alcohol consumption.

Not only can alcohol be dangerous, research shows that it is a known precursor to first time sexual experiences, hook ups, and to criminal sexual conduct.

Research, recently published in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, reveals that many adults and students do not consider themselves to be binge drinkers.

“While they do know when they are wasted, the reality is that four consecutive drinks per sitting for a woman and five for a man constitutes binge drinking.

And that means society is more tolerant of binge drinking than we think.”

College students, who want to fit in, say that they deliberately get drunk so that they CAN hook up at parties.

In other words, if they were sober, they might not hook up?

Add to this, the lack of accountability and/or law enforcement on campus regarding alcohol consumption and things can quickly escalate.

Bowls full of condoms, birth control, “safe sex,” and so-called consent rules such as “Yes Means Yes” will never fix this problem!

Over the Holidays, be alert to alcohol consumption in yourself and your children. When the kids come home, watch for signs of alcohol withdrawal. Listen to your student if he/she says that they do not want to go back to school. They may be begging to avoid the risky lifestyle.

Not only do laws need to be followed, but abstaining from alcohol prevents situations that can lead to hook ups, rape, or accusations of criminal sexual conduct.

Better to be sober, than sorry.