Ask a stupid question?

stupid alertTell Them SC, the advocacy arm of the New Morning Foundation, in league with the Planned Parenthood (PP) Sex Ed Network, is asking their members to send emails to the candidates for SC Governor and ask, “As Governor, would you support medically accurate sex education?”

That is really a stupid and leading question! I hope the candidates don’t fall for it!

Rather, the candidates should demand that “medically accurate sex education” be thoroughly defined by breaking down every component, providing scientific citations, and allowing transparency for all lessons taught in their so-called “age appropriate” programs.

That is how the PP Sexual Rights Agenda will be EXPOSED!

The PP Network in SC continues to push their so-called Healthy Youth Amendment (H3435) and will introduce it AGAIN in January 2015, even after two failed attempts. That’s what Progressives do!

To the PP Sex Ed Network, “medically accurate sex education” is defined by themselves (Planned Parenthood, SIECUS, Guttmacher Institute, National Sexuality Standards and Obamacare), along with their pro-abortion and “safe sex” advocates who publish in medical and public health journals.

Having the Planned Parenthood Network define “medically accurate sex ed” would be like having the R. J. Reynold’s Tobacco Company define “safe” cigarettes!

PP Sex Ed is “safe sex” education and it teaches minors as young as 11 years old how to “express their sexual feelings” through brainstorming activities about oral sex, sexual fantasy, anal sex, touching each others genitals and grinding. (Pg. 65 Making A Difference! for middle schools.)

The following is a direct quote from Making A Difference! Pg. 64: “We want you to know that at your age the proud and responsible things to remember are:

  • It’s OK to THINK about sex.
  • It’s Ok to TALK about sex.
  • It’s OK to DEVELOP feelings and attitudes about sex.

BUT it’s NOT a good idea to HAVE sex until you are prepared to have sex with respect and responsibility.” Really? Who determines what is means to be “age appropriate”, “respectful” and “responsible?”

  • When did I give the school permission to tell my 11-year-old son or daughter that:
  • it’s OK to TALK about sex? With whom? Could this lead to sexting?
  • it’s OK (for the PP Sex Network) to help my child “Develop feelings and attitudes about sex!”
  • when they know how to make “respectful and responsible” sexual decisions, it is OK to have sex?
  • what makes a good or bad idea? Are they teaching ideology? Values? Are these your values?

More than half of SC’s counties have PP “safe sex” programs in their schools and most parents have no idea what is taught. Just because a program, like Making A Difference!, says it is “Abstinence-only” does not mean it teaches “Abstinence-Until-Marriage.” It just means it does not promote contraception. Even so,  there is a big difference between “abstain until Friday night or when you feel ready” and “abstain until marriage.” Without boundaries, anything goes!

So, I hope our candidates, and our Legislators, won’t be duped into answering this stupid and leading question until the entire definition of “medically accurate sex education,” according to the Planned Parenthood Network is exposed.

Considering the welfare of your children, it may be the most important question they ever answer!

Read “What can I get away with today?” and more disturbing information about Sexual Foreplay Ed in our schools at

Summerville, SC: Sex Ed Ploys

Summerville 1Summerville 2

After attending 2 orchestrated meetings this week in Summerville that should have exposed the Planned Parenthood Sex Ed agenda, I am convinced that the power brokers in the school district are either in denial or complicit in promoting sexual foreplay education to our 11-17 year old youth.

The first meeting was a forum for candidates running for state office. The audience was asked to submit questions which were completely ignored if they pertained to challenging the sexually explicit sex ed programs being used in the middle and high schools.

Therefore, Rep. Jenny Horne and Rep. Chris Murphy got off having to explain why they are promoting 4-Planned Parenthood Sex Ed programs in Summerville schools and why they are pushing for the state to mandate at least 11 of these programs throughout the state.

These Saul Alinsky tactics also prevented the other candidates from outing Horne and Murphy. Slick!

The next meeting, several miles away, was the district School Board meeting. Their agenda indicated that there would be a report on their “workshop” held last week – where questions, comments and discussions were not allowed – to explain how they were going to change how they use Making Proud Choices! and other sex ed programs in the district to make them more “palatable.”

At this “workshop” Superintendent Joseph Pye stated:

“We have shared this (Making Proud Choices! sex ed curriculum) with [Rep] Jenny Horne and she is fine with what we are teaching.”

Last week’s “workshop” was quickly put together and did not allow for adequate public awareness. As a result, very few people attended and those that did were not allowed to participate as one would expect.

Back to the School Board meeting… after 2 hours of business, the Board chair asked if anyone had signed up prior to the meeting to speak. Since no one had, the topic of sex education was brushed aside and ignored.  The meeting was over. No one knew that they had to sign up to speak on the topic in order for the Board to follow their own agenda!

So much for transparency and accountability!




What happens in sex class, stays in sex class!

middle school kidsWhen parents are told about the sexually explicit content in Sex Ed programs, they are first horrified and then they deny that it is happening in their school.

“If it were happening, I would know about it!” they say.

How would they know?

Who would tell them?

Parents should take responsibility for finding out everything there is to know about the Sex Ed programs in their child’s school. Unless parents spend at least 10 hours reviewing the entire curriculum, research the effectiveness of the program, and sit in on every sex class, they will not fully know the content.

Rather, many parents assume, wrongly, that their school’s Sex Ed classes will teach their children about reproduction, the consequences of sex, and their contraceptive choices for future family planning. Most Sex Ed programs are teaching much, much more than they imagine and leaving out the healthiest option for sexual activity.

Making Proud Choices! is a popular Sex Ed program sweeping the nation. Parents should be very concerned if they have children in public middle schools. This program is anything but Comprehensive because it fails to emphasize the benefits of abstinence and marriage, and encourages sexual activity.

The first class of Making Proud Choices! sets the stage for the rest of the course. Sex teachers facilitate behavioral change with a strategy called Shaping, beginning with our most vulnerable minors. The students are engaged in a fun brainstorming session where they set rules and guidelines that everyone must adhere to. Rules such as showing respect for others opinions, no name-calling, and confidentiality. (pg. 38, 39)

Sound harmless?

Confidentiality is a major rule or guideline that the teacher makes sure is on the list. In order for everyone to feel comfortable sharing personal information during the activities, they must agree:

We will not talk about any personal information we hear in this group with people outside the group.” (pg. 38)

After the teachers have conducted this activity, they praise the class by saying:

“I am excited and feel that we can work well together and respect each other by following our Group Rules. I look forward to working with this group.”  (pg. 39)

As a parent, how does it make you feel to know that the sex teacher is “working with your child?”

This confidentiality requirement is totally inappropriate for minors and sets up barriers between students and their parent or guardian.This is why parents do not know what is being taught! Most minors will not tell their parents what happens in sex class, even if they feel uncomfortable or “weirded out.” They don’t want to be “the one” that breaks the code of silence that the entire class (i.e., the sex teacher) has established.

Other rules are used to control independent thinking students. For example, if a student is brave enough to speak against any content, teen sex, and/or in support of abstinence, they are isolated and shunned until they conform to the group’s rules. (Read: Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.)

And, if a student resists participating in an activity they are “forced” to be the first to role play or read aloud scripted text. (pg. 260-261)

Parents, your children are being groomed for sex!

Sex Ed over the past 2 decades is not about educating kids about reproduction, or emphasizing abstinence, and it has gone far beyond teaching teens about condoms and contraception. It is primarily about seeking sexual pleasures and fun ways to use condoms.

A careful review of Making Proud Choices!, which is being mandated by school districts, reveals that most of the emphasis is on teaching kids as young as 11, how to engage in sexual foreplay as a substitute for intercourse. These minors are also given the “OK” and taught about oral sex using dental dams and flavored lubricants. (Pg. 96, 108, 266)

And, minors are taught how to have pleasurable sex with various brands of condoms to entice them to use them for protection. They are given a list of brands available, such as lubricated, ribbed, flavored, and even the best brand to use for a smaller penis called, Hot Shot. (pg. 88)

Hormonal contraception is primarily back up for when the stimulated couple’s brains shut down and they cannot remember the 10 steps to correctly use a condom, if at all. What if your daughter has not even gone through puberty? Should she be encouraged to take the pill? (pg. 149, 150)

In other words, teen sex is fine as long as it is protected sex.

Unprotected sex is a No! No!

Making Proud Choices! does not teach reproduction, emphasize abstinence, or mention marriage, therefore it is not a Comprehensive program. It is only a “Safer-Sex Approach to Teen Pregnancy, STDs & HIV Prevention,” except… that it is not safe and fails to prevent many pregnancies, STDs & HIV.

Research on Making Proud Choices! has shown that it does not delay sex. Plus, sexually inexperienced students, virgins, are less likely to use condoms when they do have sex. While  sexually experienced minors do use condoms more often, the correct and consistent use was not measured. Sexually inexperienced students, virgins, are less likely to use condoms when they do have sex. (See evaluation on HHS website.) (See also A Lesson from Middle School Sex Class)

Valuable information is censored from our students throughout their middle and high school years. Unless they also receive a separate, proven effective, evidence-based abstinence education program, many of them will grow up not knowing about other realistic options regarding sexual behavior. Many will not know, until it is too late, that credible research has proven there are numerous benefits physically, emotionally, academically, and financially if they choose to abstain from sex at least until they graduate from high school.

Better yet, until marriage.