SC: Planned Parenthood Admissions


Lee Bright PP South Atlantic2 ppYesterday, Planned Parenthood South Atlantic sent this email out to their South Carolina network bragging about working for seven years with public health organizations to pass legislation mandating the HPV vaccine. Planned Parenthood is angry at Sen. Lee Bright for holding up the vote on the vaccine and they are demanding action.

Indeed, the Planned Parenthood Network (includes Sexual Rights advocates) has been very involved for decades in such collaborations to control public health policies in South Carolina.

The Planned Parenthood Network has worked with federal and state agencies, nonprofits, and foundations that advocate for Sexual Rights to thwart state law. They also lobby SC legislators to mandate “safe sex-only” education in the schools and to censor optimal public health messages regarding the benefits of marriage and delaying sex until marriage, as state law requires.

So, in the spirit of transparency…we have ten questions:

  1. Who are these “public health organizations?”
  2. Were these meetings between public and private agencies opened to the public, as the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requires?
  3. Are the meetings FOIA-able, so that we can know which state agencies and employees participated? Were they taped?
  4. If state agency employees were involved, did they meet on the taxpayers dime?
  5. Do these public health organizations include the State Alliance for Adolescent Sexual Health (SAASH), housed at SC DHEC?
  6. Is Maternal and Child Health at U.S. Health and Human Services involved?
  7. What about Advocates for Youth, the lead author of the so-called and unapproved National Sexuality Education Standards? (Common Core for Sex Ed)
  8. Was SIECUS (Sexuality Information Education Council of the U.S.) involved? SIECUS is a spin-off of Planned Parenthood in charge of pushing Sexuality Education programs and curricula to school districts.
    1. Coincidentally, seven years ago SIECUS bragged in their 2009 Annual Report (page 23) about working “with colleagues and state government officials to change the state Board of Education’s policies on sex education.
    2. “Then they lied by saying…”As a result of this work, middle schools throughout the state are now required to deliver some form of sex education that addresses contraception. To be sure, this is far from perfect, but gradualism is how change comes on these issues in the state and we are working consistently and strategically to ensure that there is forward movement.” The lie is that middle schools are not required to teach contraception, but only at the approval of the local school board. This is an intimidation tactic used to strong arm school districts into teaching minors condoms-only sex ed!
  9. Did the meetings involve the SC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, a nonprofit that trains public school teachers exclusively in Planned Parenthood/SIECUS sex programs with federal and state funding? None of their programs teach about marriage or the skills to abstain from sexual activity.
  10. Is New Morning Foundation and their social media component included as players? They will be bombard legislators next week (3.16.16) with propaganda to promote their Sexual Rights Agenda in the schools.

We appreciate Planned Parenthood’s transparency. Now everyone knows that they are behind the vicious attacks on Sen. Lee Bright and anyone else that believes in teaching students medically accurate information about HPV. Information that HPV is not caught like the common cold. That HPV is an STD spread skin-to-skin outside the protection of a condom. And, that abstaining from all sexual activity is the very best way to avoid all STDs. Tell the entire truth about what HPV is, how it is spread, and all of consequences.

Students deserve to know the medically accurate facts.

Summerville, SC: Sex Ed Ploys

Summerville 1Summerville 2

After attending 2 orchestrated meetings this week in Summerville that should have exposed the Planned Parenthood Sex Ed agenda, I am convinced that the power brokers in the school district are either in denial or complicit in promoting sexual foreplay education to our 11-17 year old youth.

The first meeting was a forum for candidates running for state office. The audience was asked to submit questions which were completely ignored if they pertained to challenging the sexually explicit sex ed programs being used in the middle and high schools.

Therefore, Rep. Jenny Horne and Rep. Chris Murphy got off having to explain why they are promoting 4-Planned Parenthood Sex Ed programs in Summerville schools and why they are pushing for the state to mandate at least 11 of these programs throughout the state.

These Saul Alinsky tactics also prevented the other candidates from outing Horne and Murphy. Slick!

The next meeting, several miles away, was the district School Board meeting. Their agenda indicated that there would be a report on their “workshop” held last week – where questions, comments and discussions were not allowed – to explain how they were going to change how they use Making Proud Choices! and other sex ed programs in the district to make them more “palatable.”

At this “workshop” Superintendent Joseph Pye stated:

“We have shared this (Making Proud Choices! sex ed curriculum) with [Rep] Jenny Horne and she is fine with what we are teaching.”

Last week’s “workshop” was quickly put together and did not allow for adequate public awareness. As a result, very few people attended and those that did were not allowed to participate as one would expect.

Back to the School Board meeting… after 2 hours of business, the Board chair asked if anyone had signed up prior to the meeting to speak. Since no one had, the topic of sex education was brushed aside and ignored.  The meeting was over. No one knew that they had to sign up to speak on the topic in order for the Board to follow their own agenda!

So much for transparency and accountability!




Obamacare: America Gone Wild

Ameica Gone Wild

It’s official. Planned Parenthood IS Obamacare.

Taxpayers get what they’ve paid for over the past 50 years by sending more and more of their money to DC. We, the taxpayer, have built the government infrastructure for Obamacare and it is a monster.


Today’s America was envisioned by the early Progressives, and written by the Progressive Eugenics in the Planned Parenthood Network. In the early 1960’s, Family Planning and the War on Poverty began a movement that morphed and expanded under both Republican and Democrat regimes. Bits and pieces of this movement have been promoted and institutionalized by the Departments of Education and Public Health, regulated by US Health and Human Services, and now will be enforced by the IRS.

Obamacare is fully systematized.

Reports have emerged across the nation about Planned Parenthood and faith/community organizations receiving grants to navigate and enroll people into Obamacare. The DC Health Link alone is receiving $6.1 million to sign-up people for Obamacare and Metropolitan DC Planned Parenthood received one of the largest of those grants. It only takes 30 hours of training to teach someone how to enroll people and get all of their useful financial and health information!

Over the past twenty-five years, the Planned Parenthood Network (SIECUS, Advocates for Youth, ACLU, the Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, New Morning Foundation, CDC, and many faith/community and state agencies, all supporters of so-called Comprehensive Health Education in the public schools) has orchestrated a push through state legislatures to mandate “Safe Sex-only” education. They have put in place laws and regulations that make it illegal or impossible for authentic abstinence education to be taught.

This entire system works together to get kids (minors) hooked on sex with “medically accurate” and “age appropriate” pornographic “safe sex” education so that their minds are focused on and developed around the pleasures of sex, not on academics and reaching their full potential. This strategy, feeds Obamacare with plenty of healthcare issues such as STDs, HIV/AIDS, abortion, teen pregnancies, cancers (oral, anal, breast, genital, cervical, etc.), depression and mental illness. School health clinics, funded under Obamacare, are conveniently available to provide vaccines, birth control, treatments, and referrals to Planned Parenthood clinics or other like minded providers, without consent from parents.

By encouraging early sexual debut, more chaotic families are formed that will depend on burgeoning entitlements and create even more demand for health and welfare services.

Notice, that the cycle begins with getting kids hooked on porn and sex. This is where we need to disrupt and destroy the system before it destroys our children and any hope for America. If we do not stop Planned Parenthood and their brand of sex education from taking over America, then it’s over.

Obamacare IS America Gone Wild.