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ExposeSexEdNow works to stop the sexual exploitation of children (minors) by exposing the Sexual Rights Agenda within Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE). We advocate for the protection of children, teens, marriage, and families from the Sexual Rights Agenda, which seeks to destroy our children's futures, our families, and our nation. Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) is the primary tool used by Planned Parenthood, SIECUS, the Kinsey Institute, Advocates for Youth, Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, ACLU, and the National Coalition to Support Sexuality Education to change sexual and gender norms. CSE sexualizes children, threatens their health, and violates parental rights to protect their children. CSE has never been about decreasing the rates of teen pregnancy or protecting teens from STDs. It is about promoting a hedonistic lifestyle with no sexual boundaries and creating customers (sex slaves) for Sex Industries. CSE is mass indoctrination through schools, communities, faith-based organizations, media, and government infrastructure to manipulate the neurological (brain) development of children, adolescents, and teens to crave pornography and meaningless sexual relationships. Abstaining from all sexual activity outside of marriage and forming a healthy marriage where couples are faithful to each other is the only proven way to decrease teen pregnancies, abortions and chaotic family formation.

Is illegal abortion sometimes OK?

400 Words for Women

This comic strip illustrates the attitude of many pro-choicers towards illegal abortion.They use the argument that we need to legalize abortion because women die in DIY, unsafe abortion. But when Women on Web, an organization that gives instructions online for DIY abortion with pills and sells pills in countries where abortion is illegal, Pro-Choicers don’t seem to have a problem with that.

The organization ROSA, which website refers Women to Women on Web, had an illegal abortion bus recently giving away pills and DIY abortion instructions in Ireland.

Le Planning Familial, the French affiliate of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, shamelessly advertises for Women on Web on their website.

We are talking about DIY abortions. We are talking about illegal abortion. What makes it acceptable? Why is it that illegal abortions= bad, unsafe, deadly but when Women on Web is doing it, it’s different?

I will share two things from…

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Voices Crying Out in the Wilderness

Fighting For the Culture Of Life

Dear Friends for Life:  Poet Warsan Shire hit a nerve  recently with this evocative stanza from her poem “Home”. No one leaves home unless / home is the mouth of a shark. You only run for the border / when you see the whole city / running as well.” and “no one puts their children in a boat / unless the water is safer than the land.”

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Defund Planned Parenthood Sex Ed!

“The Pro-life battle begins with who controls the message about sex!”

Now that the defunding of Planned Parenthood’s abortion industry has started, what about their Comprehensive Sexuality Education programs?

Comprehensive Sexuality Education, or Sexual Rights Indoctrination, fuels the abortion industry. Planned Parenthood frequently boasts that they are the #1 provider of sex ed in the nation. Too many Planned Parenthood centers and their surrogates get taxpayer funds to teach their pornified filth.

The Center for SexEducation and Planned Parenthood work with many other Kinsey SexPerts introducing porn to vulnerable minors. They are shameless in their efforts to get your kids addicted to sex, not only through sex ed, but through anti-bullying, dating violence, sexual abuse prevention, and sex trafficking awareness programs and LGBTQ Clubs.

Our next goal should be to defund any of Obama’s fraudulent Comprehensive Sexuality Education programs funded through US Health and Human Services.

This Holy Grail for Sex Ed needs to go.

Expose Them. Dispose of Them!


Find out more @ StopCSE.org

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program

Parents, do you know anything about the sex programs in your child’s school?

Take Back the SHAC

“Now, nearly one billion dollars later, troubling revelations have surfaced that show that most youth did not improve their health as a result of the TPP program — and too many were hurt. Multiple studies, mostly from federal sources, paint a stark picture of the results of this one-billion-dollar experiment:
– Ineffective
– Sex promotion rather than health promotion
– Communities don’t want it
– Less likely to use contraception
– More likely to acquire an STD”



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SexEdNUrSchool fights It’s Your Game in Houston Middle Schools

Listen up! “It’s Your Game” is a sex program taught in South Carolina.

Take Back the SHAC

Many Houston area Middle Schools have implemented It’s Your Game as the Human Sexuality Instruction program. UT PRC helped districts with the grant process for this program that was created with the help of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast. http://www.sexednurschool.com/page/477943648

Parents fought back to remove It’s Your Game from Cy Fair ISD, Galena Park ISD, and Cold Spring Oakhurst ISD.

Link for more information on the School Districts, It’s Your Game, and strategies for your community –


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Sex, Lies, and Hook-Ups

Heritage Keepers Abstinence Program produces Sex, Lies and Hook Ups. There is a parent/adult version as well as a version for teens. Order today!

Take Back the SHAC

In the book, Sex, Lies, and Hook-Ups, abstinence is defined as:

“NOT participating in ANY sexual activity OUTSIDE of marriage.”

(Emphasis added.) This definition is succinct and easy to understand for young people.

Parents and educators should provide loving and firm boundaries for teens. Many Sexual Risk Reduction programs allow the student to define abstinence for themselves.

What definition of abstinence does your school district use when and if they teach Human Sexuality Instruction?



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