Expose Sex Ed Now! researches and exposes Sexual Rights Sex Ed curricula, commonly known as Comprehensive Sex Education.


We expose the content of such curricula and programs, policies and committees in our schools, which originated from the fraudulent science of Alfred Kinsey and the Kinsey Institute. This toxic agenda continues to destroy our culture through the work of Planned Parenthood, SIECUS, Advocates for Youth, government agencies, and many others in the National Coalition to Support Sexuality Education.


After more than twenty-years of fighting sexual foreplay education, and the redefining of abstinence to mean “avoiding unprotected sex,” the elimination of marriage as a social benefit in our schools, and watching the chaotic consequences of early sexual activity in children, teens, adults and parents, we are fed up!


We are also disgusted with how the sex industry and their networks control the media, legislation, federal and state agencies, and the minds of citizens to promote their hedonistic agenda. They have created sexualized minions dependent on welfare and the Progressive state for their daily needs.


Marriage and family have been high jacked.  Bullies censor the healthiest sexual health message (Sexual Risk Avoidance) at every level of society. Established laws to protect minors and adults from sexual exploitation are ignored and thwarted by the U.S. Departments of Justice, Health and Human Services, and Education. As a result, we have:


  • An explosion of pornography and addiction in every segment of our culture, including internet and academia.
  • Skyrocketing rates of minors groomed and seduced into sex trafficking, prostitution, and the porn industry.
  • Women and children are brutalized and killed by perpetrators through domestic and sexual violence.
  • Renewed efforts to legalize prostitution and pedophilia as just another lifestyle choice.
  • Sexual activity at any age with anyone or anything is normalized through public education, music, media, and even within churches that have abandoned the foundational tenants of their faith.
  • Confusion and distortion regarding sexual and gender identity, along with the manipulation of minors to seek extreme measures to change their gender.
  • Our own government bullies school districts and municipalities to accept and even embrace sexual and gender confusion as normal and healthy.
  • Proven Public Health Policies are ignored or distorted to serve the sex industries with ridiculous Risk Reduction Education, that would never be applied to other risky behaviors like the use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs or involvement in crime. For these behaviors, Risk Avoidance is the standard.
  • Predictable increases in rates of HIV infection, STDs, and the consumption of toxic hormones to prevent or eliminate pregnancies.
  • Millions of unborn and born children killed through abortion and infanticide.
  • Generational poverty and misery suffocating our nation.

Sexual Risk Avoidance (Abstinence-outside-of-marriage and fidelity-within-marriage) are the optimal life scripts for each generation. This life script, Healthy Family Formation, has proven successful for thousands of years. Humanity will cease to prosper when this ideal life script is distorted through torturous wordplay and permanently destroyed.


Help us at Expose Sex Ed Now! by sharing this information with your networks, friends and family. Be part of the solution. If not for our nation, then for your own loved ones!


We must share the truth with those who will listen. The naysayers will eventually follow. We must be the voice for those who can’t or will not speak out.


Mary S. McLellan, MS, SRAS ~ ExposeSexEd@gmail.com




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  1. Hi! Mary Flores here of American Life League. Just wanted to reach out to thank you for your sponsorship of The Pill Kills 2014. I would like to talk about future collaboration. Can you give me a call at 540-507-8691. Thank you!

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