Too Bad! You’re Cancelled.

“The crux of Plaintiffs’ claim is that the Challenged Policies “promote and force the approval of alternate sexual lifestyles and behavior” in a “manner that infringes upon Plaintiffs’ personal identity, autonomy, and their sincerely held religious beliefs and convictions and constitutional right to oppose such policies and freely speak out on such issues in accordance with their sincerely held religious beliefs.”

Too Bad! if you live in WA and you want your children in public schools to learn about puberty, reproduction, conception, and ALL of the wonders of the human body.

Too Bad! if you want your kids be taught the truth about biology, DNA, condom efficacy, STDs that can be spread even with condom use, and ALL of the side effects of hormonal birth control.

Too Bad! if you want your children to know about ALL health risks of same sex activities, gender identity ideology, puberty blockers, and irreversible damage from surgical mutilation.

Too Bad! if you want your children to know about the benefits of avoiding/delaying sex, forming healthy relationships without sex, the benefits of traditional marriage, the importance of both a mother and father in a child’s life, and to respect life from conception to natural death.

Too Bad! if you live in the majority of counties in WA that voted loudly and bravely against mandating Comprehensive Sexuality Education-ONLY (CSE) in every public school and for every child K-12. (See map picture)

Too Bad! there is no electoral college in states to make sure that a few counties don’t dictate radical policies onto every county in a state. Why should those parents in counties, who overwhelmingly voted against CSE, Sexual Rights, and Gender NonSense, be forced to submit to this evil agenda?

Just Too BAD! You are cancelled!

Thanks so much!

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