Charleston, SC: PP Expands Sex Ed in Schools

The Charleston County School District is using the dark cloak of COVID-19 to approve yet more egregious sex programs for school-age children.

CCSD is set to approve two more Planned Parenthood Sex Programs at their next meeting on Monday evening. This is a result of LGBTQ pressures last year to invalidate the SC Comprehensive Health Education Act, which for decades sought to protect the health and innocence of school-age children in our state.

Family Watch International and the Protect Child Health Coalition have analyzed the contents of these sex programs and both have scored 15/15 Harmful Elements found in typical Comprehensive Sexuality Education programs. Find these analyses here:

Be Real, Be Ready:

Rights, Respect, Responsibility:

Now is the time to say NO! by removing your children from CCSD in-school classes and perhaps even finding alternative schooling.

Your children will not be safe in any CCSD school while these types of programs are taught.

Please, take this seriously. Opting Out is useless since the content of these sex programs will be spread at each school.

The only solution is to take your children out now before their minds are polluted with obscene images that they cannot ever unsee or unhear.

For more information about these and other harmful Comprehensive Sexuality Education programs:

Thanks so much!

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