Police training call shows how Planned Parenthood helps sexual abusers

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abortions, sexual abuse, Planned Parenthood

A training key published by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) contains a transcript which proves just how comfortable sexual abusers are at using Planned Parenthood to hide their crimes.

Training keys are written by police experts and are described by the IACP as “concise, authoritative sources of law enforcement information, these six-page, loose-leaf monographs allow law enforcement officers to expand or sharpen their knowledge, skills and abilities on a broad variety of law enforcement practices and procedures.”

This particular Training Key is marked #574 and was published in 2004. It contains the transcript of a “pretext call” by a sexual abuse victim to the abuser (“Gerald”), beginning on page 4. The call was made on December 3, 2000, and the transcription was published in the Training Key by Detective Harold Eisenga of the San Diego, California, Police Department Sex Crimes…

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