Genetics determines Gender

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GeneticsdeterminesGenderGenetics determines gender
revealed through genitals
for generating generations.

It is that simple.

The root ‘gen‘ means ‘birth’ or ‘origin’.  Common words with this root include genesis, genetics, eugenics, genealogy, generate, and generic.

Each one of us is born with XX or XYChromosomes.  XXmeans that a person is FemaleXY means that a person is Male.  Throughout one’s development, the XXand XYChromosomes are instructing the body how to develop including each of the Reproductive Systems in the body.  When a baby is born, that gender is revealed to the parents, doctors, and family through the genitals/genitalia of the baby.  In fact, ultrasounds of a baby in utero can often reveal the genitals hence the gender of the baby.  There are examples in…

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