Defund Planned Parenthood Sex Ed!

“The Pro-life battle begins with who controls the message about sex!”

Now that the defunding of Planned Parenthood’s abortion industry has started, what about their Comprehensive Sexuality Education programs?

Comprehensive Sexuality Education, or Sexual Rights Indoctrination, fuels the abortion industry. Planned Parenthood frequently boasts that they are the #1 provider of sex ed in the nation. Too many Planned Parenthood centers and their surrogates get taxpayer funds to teach their pornified filth.

The Center for SexEducation and Planned Parenthood work with many other Kinsey SexPerts introducing porn to vulnerable minors. They are shameless in their efforts to get your kids addicted to sex, not only through sex ed, but through anti-bullying, dating violence, sexual abuse prevention, and sex trafficking awareness programs and LGBTQ Clubs.

Our next goal should be to defund any of Obama’s fraudulent Comprehensive Sexuality Education programs funded through US Health and Human Services.

This Holy Grail for Sex Ed needs to go.

Expose Them. Dispose of Them!


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