Alberta government funds website directing K-12 kids to sexually graphic content

Absolutely disgusting. This is nothing but sexual exploitation of minors. Predators in school.

informed albertans


Is this the type of “help” the Alberta government should be funding for K-12 children?

fruit loop 3a post

fruit loop 2a post

fruit loop 6a post

Fruit Loop 01a post Masturbation

The content of these articles is graphic. There are images of naked men being flogged and restrained with suggestions on how to use specific BDSM products, including links to purchase those items from an online sex shop. In the article about masturbation, your child is even advised to “pay for porn” and “visit a group masturbation night at your local sex club”.

These sexually graphic articles are examples of the content available on the “Fruit Loop” Facebook page, linked to as a “Community Support” on the Alberta GSA Network website to “help” K-12 children with their Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA).

Community supports Fruit Loop link

Unbelievably, it only takes two clicks for K-12 children to easily access sexually graphic material from this website, which is funded with taxpayer money and even recommended by…

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1 thought on “Alberta government funds website directing K-12 kids to sexually graphic content

  1. Thanks Mary. I actually screen shotted some of this content. It’s terrible!!

    We have a press release scheduled for tomorrow which includes an announcement of a criminal investigation Parents For Choice In Education is demanding.

    For some reason I haven’t been able to share content on Expose CSE Google group. Do you mind sharing it?

    I will jump onto the thread with more information.




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