PART 1: You’re testing my child on… what??

informed albertans


How would you feel if your child’s Biology 30 or Science 9 mark required them to answer a test question with an explanation of the Gender Unicorn as a “more authentic way of understanding of gender”?

To receive full marks, your child would have to explain that gender changes at random and varies by circumstance, is entirely subjective and exists on a spectrum of limitless possibilities. This explanation would not be presented as one perspective among many, but as the only correct answer. In fact, your child would be taught that any biologically based, objectively verifiable, “binary” understanding of gender as male/female is “overly simplistic and often wrong”  “misleading” and “exclusionary and harmful”.

Welcome to the new standard of “scientific” testing for Alberta students, provided courtesy of the Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) and developed in collaboration with Alberta Education.

The PRISM Toolkit Secondary Edition represents a brave new world…

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