The Silent Link to Human Sex Trafficking

sex-trafficking-wordcloudComprehensive Sex Education (CSE) has indoctrinated generations in the Sexual Rights Agenda. We have been duped by Sexual Rights/CSE propaganda  that convinces us that it is our only hope to decrease teen pregnancies, STDs, sexual abuse, and drop out rates.

Most federally funded CSE programs have been a sham since the 90’s, claiming to be “evidence-based” and “medically accurate.” However, a federal report released in July 2016 reveals that many of these popular Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs (TPP) failed to replicate their “initial sterling” results. Valerie Huber, CEO/President of Ascend, a national Sexual Risk Avoidance organization, writes:

“After nearly a billion dollars, more than 80% of students in these “comprehensive” programs fared either worse or no better than their peers who were not in the program. Teens in some TPP-funded projects were even more likely to begin having sex, more likely to engage in oral sex, and more likely to get pregnant than their peers who weren’t in the classes.”

Watch The War on Children, The Comprehensive Sexuality Education Agenda

It is not surprising then to read that under the Obama Administration, human/child sex trafficking in the U.S. has exploded. For almost 8 years, the Obama Administration has fully funded the Sexual Rights Agenda either directly or indirectly with taxpayer dollars. Almost every federal agency, including Health and Human Services, the Department of Education, and the Department of Justice, has either promoted the Sexual Rights Agenda or turned a blind eye to it’s consequences. Except for the FBI.

The FBI is the primary federal agency that has diligently pursued human sex trafficking in the U.S. In 2015, pedophilia and human sex trafficking had reached an almost epidemic level as reported by the FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division. According to Assistant Director Joseph Campbell:

“”The level of pedophilia is just unprecedented right now. We have so many cases constantly of individuals in all walks of life, from the very wealthy … to all other levels engaged in child pornography, child exploitation … it just seems to be almost an at epidemic level.”

The vast majority of the children trafficked in the U.S. are not Mexican or Central American, but are American.”

The Department of Justice made the 2016 Dirty Dozen list as a Top Facilitators of Sexual Exploitation by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, which states,

“From the time Obama took office in 2008, no enforcement actions against illegal obscenity have been initiated by DOJ, and in 2011 former Attorney General Eric Holder dismantled the Obscenity Prosecution Task Force.” 

Still, these obscenity crimes only deal with adults, not minors. Today’s adults that engage in sexual exploitation were themselves minors just a few years ago!

What did they learn about sexual lifestyles and where did they learn it?

Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) is the silent link that fuels the sexual exploitation of children, minors, women, men, and families. Through CSE indoctrination in our schools, children as young as Kindergarten are convinced that they have “rights” to sexual pleasure. CSE programs, under the guise of “anti-bullying,” “teen pregnancy and STD prevention,” “sex abuse prevention,” and now “equality” programs, often include sexually graphic content and/or pornography, which stimulates neurological/brain development towards sexual excitement.

Teachers trained in many CSE programs have the boundaries blurred between them and their students. They are trained to speak sexual and/or pornographic content to minors. Much of the content would get any of us locked up for sexual exploitation, yet it is mandated in many schools.

By normalizing sexual activity among and with children, they are setup for sexual exploitation. They expect to be approached for sexual favors and think nothing of exploring their sexuality before they can handle it. Our children are groomed and programed to look for sex in all of the worst places!

If we want to protect our children from sexual exploitation, pornographic CSE must be eliminated in our schools and communities. As legal minors, they deserve the legal protection promised them, whether they want it or not. That’s why they are minors!

Ignoring CSE’s link to sex trafficking just compounds the corruption and misery for future generations.




4 thoughts on “The Silent Link to Human Sex Trafficking

  1. This is absolutely NOT true. I am a retired Educator with 37 years experience. I have taught at all grade levels from Pre-school to College and I have taught many different subjects, including sex Education. All of the teachers I have met and worked with over the years, none have ever or would ever harm a student or a child.


  2. Lois, Perhaps you have not been exposed to the kinds of Comprehensive Sex Education that many of us believe is harmful to minors, as well as teens. My blog exposes the content of several Comprehensive Sex Ed programs. There are many more.

    Please, watch The War on Children documentary at Many Health Teachers have been duped, as well as the general public. Some have no idea who (Alfred Kinsey) or what (Sexual Rights Agenda) is behind the curriculum they are required to teach or how the curriculum sets kids up for sexual experimentation. I have fought sexual indoctrination for over 30 years and know many health educators and school nurses who could not bring themselves to teach (say) some of the vile content in their curriculum. They either quit teaching or were fired for exposing it.
    I wish you well. Mary McLellan


  3. Most likely Comprehensive Sexuality Education wasn’t in the public schools when Lois A., now retired, was teaching. I hope that she and others will watch the War on Children documentary at . The speed at which the LGBTQ rights organizations have risen to power and are dominating every sector of society worldwide is astonishing. Thank you for this very informative article which connects the dots between CSE and child trafficking. I suspected as much, but your documentation and insightful analysis confirms the hidden agenda in the mass of data I’ve been researching.


  4. The CSE rationale is also used to justify the existence of pornography in school databases posturing as online “research” tools. The scope of this is far beyond what most parents realize: it has mushroomed over the last 8 years – EBSCO alone now sells its online products to 50,000 elementary, middle and high schools across the country (and internationally). Others in the multi-billion dollar school database industry, such as ProQuest, OverDrive and GALE are also usurping online student portals to deliver pornographic messaging to children. Much of this is locked down where parents have trouble locating it – behind the passwords to online student accounts and libraries. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation named EBSCO to the 2017 Dirty Dozen list for pushing literally hundreds of obscene articles, glamorizing risky sexual practices, sexual violence, providing links to hard core porn and solicitations for sex work. GALE Opposing Viewpoints publishes articles espousing the “educational value” of pornography and the merits of prostitution, even providing links to escort services and sex toy shops. We found links to sex videos in ProQuest products along with extensive links to Advocates for Youth, Scarleteen,, Sexetc, PP and others. OverDrive and Novelist are streaming adult “erotic fiction” into online children’s portals through school student accounts, and libraries. Much of this material is positioned so that children will find it even if they are not looking for it – it pops up on landing pages of innocent searches. See for more details. There is indeed a massive assault underway on our nation’s school children and there is no doubt that the increasingly sexualized atmosphere within our schools is to blame for epidemic numbers of assaults and molestations.


Thanks so much!

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