San Bernardino ties with Ft. Hood as deadliest terror attack on US soil since 911

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In Sunday’s speech to the nation addressing the recent San Bernardino shooting, President Obama also admitted that the 2009 Ft Hood shooting was “an act of terror,” rather than his previous description of workplace violence.

Tragically, both shootings had the same number of victims: 14.

In last week’s tragic slaughter at a social services center in California, police say that two terrorists murdered 14 people gathering for an office Christmas party. At least one of those victims was known to be a pro-life advocate.

In the 2009 slaughter, Major Nidal Malik Hasan the accused Ft Hood shooter gunned down 13 people including a soldier who was 6 weeks pregnant. The pregnant woman’s name was Francheska Velez, and although the tragic death was included in the official death total, her unborn child’s death was not.

Fort Hood Shooting

Susie Allen picked up on this point and published a blog on it, which I am…

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