Clickhole’s #DunkinAbortion story not funny b/c abortion isn’t funny

Disgusting. If Dunkin did not approve this, then can they sue?

Saynsumthn's Blog

Entrepreneur Magazine has an interesting piece about how a company should respond to controversy like abortion.

They write:

    What’s a company to do when it finds itself in the crosshairs of a controversy that it did absolutely nothing to court?

    That is a question that Dunkin’ Donuts is now pondering after Clickhole — a parody site owned by The Onion that sends up viral news destinations like Buzzfeed and Upworthy — posted an outlandish story yesterday stating that the donut chain was going to perform an abortion in one of its 8,000 locations nationwide.

    ClickHole abortion

    “We feel strongly about women’s health and want to stand in solidarity with the millions of women across the country who deserve the right to choose,” wrote Clickhole, citing a satirical press release from the company. “In addition, the patient will receive a free egg and cheese sandwich and a medium coffee.”

    CLickhole abortion dunkin

    Funny enough. But not…

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