Planned Parenthood prez Cecile Richards compared to Cruella De Vil

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After Planned Parenthood’s top abortionist Dr. Deborah Nucatola, was caught on a video published by the Center for Medical Progress talking about manipulating 2nd trimester abortion procedures to preserve specific organs from the unborn babies the American public responded by calling her the Mengele of Planned Parenthood.


Shortly afterwards the national feminist group, New Wave Feminists published a satirical video comparing the Planned Parenthood docs to Mengele.

Cecile RIchards Planned Parenthood ABC

After the not so genuine apology from Planned Parenthood’s president Cecile Richards, NWS again stepped up with a 2nd Parody vid mocking Richards.

But, the criticism of Cecile Richards, who earns close to $500K as CEO of Planned Parenthood, did not end there.

The pro-life group, Operation Rescue, whose president sits on the board of the Center for Medical Progress publishing the Planned Parenthood baby parts investigative stings, is now labeling Richards as Cruella De Vil.

Cruella Deville, Cruella Deville If she…

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