“Fun and Pleasurable Sex…” Really?

MPC Protest InfoGraphicMaking Proud Choices!, a Sexual Rights curriculum, is listed on the Planned Parenthood website. Making Proud Choices! is under consideration for all schools in Charleston, South Carolina. 

There will be a public hearing August 4th, next Tuesday 9 AM at the District offices 75 Calhoun Street in downtown Charleston.

We urge parents, faith leaders, and taxpayers to attend this meeting in protest of Making Proud Choices! It sends wrong messages to our children that sex at their age is normal, healthy and safe; that abstinence and “protected sex” are equally protective; and how to have “Fun and Pleasurable Sex” with condoms.

The fact that condoms are not 100% protective against pregnancy and STDs is not taught throughout. Even GAY PRIDE groups are waking up to the fact that the FDA has never approved condoms for anal sex. 

Therefore, Making Proud Choices! may contain medically inaccurate information.

Proponents of Making Proud Choices! from EMPOWERR – MUSC Dept. of Psychiatry, made some changes, but ONLY to the Facilitator Manual. 

If Making Proud Choices! is such a wonderful program, why the need to make any changes to get it into the schools?

After spending hours reviewing the final version of the program content, the obvious intent has not changed. That is, to teach students how to have sex. Refusal skills to abstain from all sexual activity are not taught. Nothing was changed in the DVDs and student workbooks, which contain sexually obscene, graphic, and explicit information about how to use condoms for “fun and pleasurable” sex. 

Do you want Charleston’s middle and high school students to learn about any of the information on this flyer?

Take Action! Making Proud Choices! needs to be BANNED, once and for all, by the Charleston County School Trustees.

  • Read and print the flyer and share it with others.
  • Write the School Trustees and tell them that Making Proud Choices! is not appropriate for Charleston’s adolescents and teens. 
  • Show up at the public hearing on Tuesday, August 4th 9AM at 75 Calhoun Street.


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Edmund Burke


4 thoughts on ““Fun and Pleasurable Sex…” Really?

  1. I’m just learning about this so I looked up our school district (Lexington School district 1 in SC) and found an article stating that this program is now being used at Lexington High School, Lexington SC. How do I find out if this is true and what can we as parents do to opt out? Thank you.


    • Write a letter to the school administration and tell them that your child is not to receive any sex related information or programming through Health Education or any other subject or school function. Make sure your child knows that they are not to allow teachers or anyone to talk to them about sex and if it happens to tell you right away. Thank you for caring. Daybreak Pregnancy Center in Columbia has an educator that teaches youth a science-based Abstinence Until Marriage Education Program called Heritage Keepers. They just did a huge event in West Columbia at Crossroads Church. I do parent workshops for Heritage Keepers in SC. Parents should be their child’s Sex Ed teacher. If you want to know more about that you can let me know. It is not connected with this blog.


      • Donna
        I will be Shandon Baptist Church on March 15 12:30-1:30 doing a 1-hour workshop to provide an update about Sex Ed in SC and introduce Heritage Keepers, the program I work for. If you are interested in coming let me know. Mary McLellan exposesexed@gmail.com


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