3 Videos to Help Parent Boys in a Pornified World:

PornProof Kids™

by Kristen A. Jenson, MA

Summer Film Festival 2015 Boys

This month we’re featuring some of our favorite videos during our very cool Summer Film Festival! Today we’re sharing two videos that are especially geared to enlightening parents about the dangers faced by boys who fall prey to “arousal addictions.” This is great information for parents!

To provide a bit of a break, our third BONUS video has nothing to do with porn, but it’s oh so inspirational for both boys and girls.

By the way, if you have girls who will be marrying boys or growing up with brothers, this is for you, too!

All three of these videos are TED or TEDx Talks. If you’ve never watched a TED Talk, find out more about them here. Or go to their official website here. My family watches TED Talks regularly because they are a great source of information and ideas.


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