Depends on the definition…

Expose Sex Ed Now!

If your definition of “abstinence” is “avoiding unprotected or unsafe sex,” then Making Proud Choices!mightpass the test.

In South Carolina, Charleston County School Board is deciding whether to believe the lies of Planned Parenthood and the Sexual Rights Cartel or the concerns of parents and grandparents trying to protect children from the pornographic content and ideology they have actually seen in Making Proud Choices!

Even the Sex Ed Committee had to admit that some lessons were so inappropriate that they had to gut a lot of the pornographic content. Plus, they inserted “abstinence” throughout, which by their definition changes nothing! It’s intent is still to teach minors how to have sex.

The odds are that Making Proud Choices! will win, eventually. They failed 2 years ago, but they are back now with more money, power, and empty talking points. They will not stop.

It is the children who always…

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