Woman describes “gush of blood” after abortion

Saynsumthn's Blog

At the website Steady Health, Cynthia27 who says she had an abortion writes:

Abortion Blood

“I had a surgical abrtion 3 months ago and after the abortion i did not have any bleeding at all not even a drip of blood. Recently the last couple of days i been having really bad lower stomach and back pain so yesterday while standing up i had a gush of blood it was running down my legs i ran to sit on the toliet and the entire toliet was full of blood but the thing that scared me is the fact that the blood was really black almost black. Later that day i used the bathroom and when i wiped myself it was so black anymore it was red, so today i woke up to not really any blood ….. im so scared has this happen to anyone else after an abortion .. PLEASE…

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