Vintage Planned Parenthood poster calls children priceless

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This vintage 1972 poster from Planned Parenthood says, “We think children are priceless too.”

Planned Parenthood children priceless vintage poster

It goes on to state, “But if a child happens to be unplanned, it could mean financial pressures. You see a child is not just and extra mouth to feed. Its a whole other life to be provided for.”


    Planned Parenthood, children by choice, not chance.
    Images from the History of Medicine (NLM)
    An unexpected child can really rock the cradle
    Contributor (Organization):
    Planned Parenthood Association of America.
    Contributor (Organization):
    Advertising Council.
    New York, NY: Planned Parenthood, [1972?]

This Every Child a Wanted Child Planned Parenthood poster is from 1977:

EVery CHild a Wanted One Planned Parenthood

This Planned Parenthood slogan originates in eugenics .

The origin of Planned Parenthood’s oft repeated slogan “Every child a wanted child” may have come from the eugenics movement, specifically Fredrick Henry Osborn.

Every Child Wanted Child PP


Frederic Osborn once stated that, “Eugenic…

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