Can Pornography Shrink the Human Brain?

PornProof Kids™

Can an addiction to pornography or any other sexual practice shrink your brain? It’s starting to look that way.

Scientists already have proof that cocaine, meth and even food addictions (obesity) are associated with brain cell shrinkage in certain areas of the brain. They also have proof that pedophiles and others with sexual addictions exhibit similar shrinkage.

An article in Psychology Today entitled Ominous News for Porn Users: Internet Addiction Atrophies Brain reported on evidence of brain shrinkage in people addicted to playing online video games, and makes a strong case that porn use also atrophies the brain.

All addictions involve similar chemical pathways in the brain.

In fact, less than a year ago, the American Society of Addiction Medicine revised their definition of addiction to include behavioral or natural addictions, such as pornography. They cite evidence that all addictions are basically corruptions of the brain’s reward system.

In essence, much of…

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