How Talkative Are You?


I saw in my dream that as they went on Faithful happened to look to one side of the way and saw a man whose name was Talkative. He walked for a distance beside them, because in this place there was enough room for them all to walk side by side. He was a tall man and more handsome at a distance than when close at hand. To this man Faithful addressed himself in this manner as they drew near.

“Friend, which way are you going? Are you going to the heavenly country?”

Talkative said, “Yes I am headed to that very same place.”

“That’s good,” Faithful said. “I do hope you will join us.”

“Faithful motioned for him to join them. “Come on with us then and let’s spend our time talking about things that are profitable.” “Certainly, certainly.” Talkative stepped in line with them . “To talk about…

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