Teen Shares 7 Tips for Overcoming Pornography

PornProof Kids™

by Claudine Gallacher, MA

Boy Showing Thumbs Up with Friends on BackgroundA teenage boy reveals how early pornography exposure (at the age of nine) pulled him towards porn and shares the seven steps he used to cast porn out of his life.

When I met 16-year old Brian (not his real name), I knew I wanted to interview him. His peers would call him a people person, friendly, and helpful.  After talking with him for several hours, I agree.

Porn Talk is Common in Middle School

Brian was exceptionally open with me about his personal experiences with pornography. He was exposed to pornography (in the form of scantily dressed sexualized females) at age 9. When he was 11, friends told him about Playboy, a term he quickly typed into an iPod.

Regretful young manAt some point he realized that pornography was a “bad thing” and that it led boys to see girls as objects. Brian didn’t…

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