21st century church on abortion seen in 19th century slavery sermon

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19th century revivalist Charles Finney was often called “America’s foremost revivalist,” and he was a major leader of the Second Great Awakening in America, which had a great impact on the social history of the United States.


In Lecture XV of Charles Finney’s Lectures on Revivals of Religion, Hindrances to Revivals, Finney describes why churches in his day rarely saw revival…and he points to one major sin: slavery.

Today, many Christians believe the church in America is doomed to rarely see revival for many of the same reasons. Only the sin America is seeped in today is child killing through legalized abortion.

In an effort to show just how similar these two evils are, I have substituted the word “slavery” with (“abortion”) in Finney’s lecture below:


The church must take right ground in regard to politics. Do not suppose, now, that I am…

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