Two Reasons Why Kids Are More Vulnerable to Porn (and What You Can Do About It!)

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yellow neural networkA kid’s brain is wired to imitate the adult behavior they see and to accept it as “normal.” Here’s how they come to accept deviant, violent, hard-core porn as normal “sex education.”

According to a talk given by Sharon Cooper, M.D., of The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, a child’s brain is more vulnerable to the harms of viewing porn for two major reasons:

  1. Mirror neurons. A child’s brain has an abundance of mirror neurons. These neurons convince us that when we see something we are actually experiencing it. These neurons help kids imitate the behavior they see in their older siblings and in adults. Unfortunately, mirror neurons make pornography even more real to kids and helps them imitate what they see.
  2. Immature pre-frontal cortex. A child’s brain matures from the back (brainstem) to the front where the pre-frontal cortex resides. This area of the brain controls judgment, impulse…

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Can Pornography Shrink the Human Brain?

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Can an addiction to pornography or any other sexual practice shrink your brain? It’s starting to look that way.

Scientists already have proof that cocaine, meth and even food addictions (obesity) are associated with brain cell shrinkage in certain areas of the brain. They also have proof that pedophiles and others with sexual addictions exhibit similar shrinkage.

An article in Psychology Today entitled Ominous News for Porn Users: Internet Addiction Atrophies Brain reported on evidence of brain shrinkage in people addicted to playing online video games, and makes a strong case that porn use also atrophies the brain.

All addictions involve similar chemical pathways in the brain.

In fact, less than a year ago, the American Society of Addiction Medicine revised their definition of addiction to include behavioral or natural addictions, such as pornography. They cite evidence that all addictions are basically corruptions of the brain’s reward system.

In essence, much of…

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How to Create a Porn Addiction in 7 Easy Steps

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Family All Together At Christmas Dinner

Seven Steps to Addiction Start with the Reward System

There are seven steps to creating a porn addiction. And they begin with the brain’s reward system–a part of the “feeling brain” or limbic system that we consult for every decision we make, large or small.

The brain’s reward system is the reason you like to do the things that are crucial for your survival.

  • Eating is important for survival; eating is pleasurable.
  • Sex is important for the survival of humanity; sex is pleasurable.
  • Even the “natural high” you get from exercise is proof that the brain has a powerful way to reward you for doing important activities again and again.

Cravings and Appetites

How? Through cravings and appetites.

For example, the brain creates a strong hunger for food in order to assure that you’ll keep eating. The sex drive is constant and powerful. (If it weren’t, would any couple with two children ever…

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Why Porn Escalates from Underwear Ads to Hard Core: What Parents Need to Know

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season2_characters_carson“I do not wish to take a tour of your revolting world.” So said the head butler, Carson, in a recent episode of the popular British series, Downton Abbey.

Unfortunately, while I don’t recommend “taking a tour” of pornography, I do believe it’s essential for parents, especially moms, to know what’s out there and how easily an addiction to viewing porn can escalate and intensify.

Recently, I talked with a mom about my upcoming book Good Pictures, Bad Pictures. She wanted to know what pornography actually shows:  photos of naked men and women, or are they actually filmed having sex?

Yes, yes and much, much worse.

Little boy with cell phoneI hate to do this. I know it’s ugly. But parents need to know what their kids can easily view on their cell phones or internet-enabled devices any minute of the day or night. Here’s a brief description of how depraved and…

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Smallpox and Inoculation: A Model for Fighting Porn Addiction?

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The last known naturally occurring smallpox victim in the world. The last known naturally occurring smallpox victim in the world.

I believe that internet pornography is sickening humankind like the world’s most devastating diseases. So how have we overcome these pandemics in the past?

Through immunization of healthy young people before they got exposed.

That’s why I have such great hope that porn-proofing–educating children about the brain-changing and life-wasting effects of pornography addiction–will be a powerful protector for them.

Smallpox was a highly infectious disease that ravaged the human world for centuries, even millennia, until it was successfully eradicated in 1977. In fact, smallpox killed millions every year and changed the course of history when it took the lives of royals and decimated native populations.

Smallpox eradication began by first using inoculation and then by organizing an aggressive vaccination program.

In fact, smallpox inoculation was practiced by the Chinese as far back as the 10th century…

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Rookie at the U.N. Part 1: Trek to the Big Apple


I’m shivering. And I’m late. As usual. This time I can’t even blame my little ones. This time I’m heading to New York City all by myself. I shiver again.

Blasted rain!

I watch the drops bead down the truck window. I swallow hard. Try to breathe. Offer one more silent prayer before I throw it in reverse and spray gravel on the driveway during my big exit.

I arrive at the cramped Amtrak station. The train is late. It’s a tender mercy. I smile in spite of myself. I’m going to make it after all.

The railway ride is long. We are packed in like damp cattle. Some little ones scurry on the floor, spilling snacks and screaming bloody murder. But they’re not mine! I put in my earplugs and work on my laptop.

And then I am there. Standing in Penn station, with my bags and my bright…

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Teleflora ad celebrating Mother’s Day has pro-life message

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A Teleflora ad on youtube which emphasizes the importance of mothers has a beautiful pro-life message.

The ad is emotional and is created to appear as a true story.

Teleflora prolife ad mothers day son

In the video a son sends his mother a video message filled with accolades of all the sacrifices his mother made for him.

I didn’t know how much you sacrificed until I was an adult,” the adult son says.

At college, I learned that you had a dream to become a professional athlete and then you got pregnant with me and you had to choose. You knew you couldn’t do both and you gave it up to raise me. To raise me the best way you knew how,” he says.

Teleflora prolife ad mothers day

I realize how hard it was, and thank you very much,” he adds.

Teleflora Ryan Mothers Day

Because of you I stand here today, a father, a husband…

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The Abuse of the Fourteenth Amendment: Roe v. Wade of Marriage

Christian Americans are under siege, they are being targeted, and the very thing that is supposed to protected us is being used to try an silence us and God. The Constitution will be our undoing because we do not stand up in droves to protect ourselves as the so-called ‘oppressed’ do. Instead, Christian Americans are on cruise control believing, as we all did, that we are already protected. And we should, but how much longer can this continue when so-called due process is used against what this country is founded upon? Christian Americans are in danger of losing freedom of speech, freedom of religion because of a new sect of America: The Protected Class. Since when has the Fourteenth Amendment become the trash bag for protected classes? Religious Freedom

RIGHT TO PRIVACY [1965]: Women’s contraception protected, now being used to protect, substantiate, validate and endorse all perversions, hate crimes to Christians and…

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Baby killing Planned Parenthood asks where RTL movement is “for babies who have left womb”

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I recently came across a ridiculous tweet from Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio.

Planned Parenthood RTL babies left womb

It read, “Where is the right to life movement for the babies that have left the womb?!”

I never understand these kind of messages or questions especially from the killer of babies.

To me, if Planned Parenthood were to be honest, they could have tweeted this way, “Where is the right to life movement for the babies we fail to murder?”

But to the larger point of accusing pro-life people of not caring for born babies I always ask those posing this question, do you know every pro-life person?

I happen to know quite a few and have found them to be among the most generous people you could meet.

Many volunteer hours of their week to help single moms, babies, the sick, elderly, disabled, etc.

They run and fund soup kitchens, hospitals, pregnancy…

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NJ abortion doc sells clinic interests to director with sexual abuse history

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Long time abortionist Steven Brigham has sold his abortion clinic, American Women’s Services, to another abortion doctor with a history of sexual abuse.

An article in entitled, “Discredited abortion doctor sparks fresh outrage with clinic sale,”reads:


    Late last year, activists on both sides of the abortion divide cheered when New Jersey regulators permanently yanked the medical license of Steven Brigham, 58, an abortion doctor they had been sounding alarms about for decades.

    The action meant Brigham – whose macabre practices were found to endanger and deceive patients – was required to divest his ownership in eight clinics in New Jersey, which made up the bulk of his multistate abortion business, advertised as American Women’s Services.

    But Brigham’s critics are not cheering the latest development: Brigham sold his interests to his medical director, Vikram Kaji, whose medical license was suspended in New Jersey and Pennsylvania in the mid-1990s…

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