Pro-life eugenics victim makes NAACP History Makers list

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Elaine Riddick is fully committed to exposing eugenics for one simple reason she is a victim of racist forced sterilization policies.


As a 14-year-old girl, Riddick became pregnant after she was raped.

Without her knowledge or consent, the State of North Carolina eugenically sterilized her the day she gave birth to her son.

Elaine Riddick Elaine Riddick

They cut me open like I was a hog,” Riddick said as she testified before a reparations board in the state at the age of 57.

Because of Riddick’s tenacity and willingness to tell her story, North Carolina opened their eugenics records and have agreed to compensate the victims in their state.

Perhaps this is what led to Elaine Riddick receiving a mention on the NAACP’s History Makers list for 2015.

NAACP Elaine Riddick History Makers 554005771287552_n

During Black History Month, the NAACP asked supporters to send them the names of people they know who have recently taken their…

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