Sexual Predators: Within & Without

Parents, protect your kids! Every day we hear about more and more teachers, law enforcement, and elected officials arrested for sexual crimes against our children. 

Not only are our kids vulnerable to these perverts, but Planned Parenthood Sex Ed in our schools seeks to groom minors with pornographic instructions for “pleasurable safe sex experiences” by wiring their brains for porn addiction. 

It’s good business for their sex industries. 

Now, we hear about known sex offenders pouring into the US across our borders. Hold your kids close and be alert. 

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1 thought on “Sexual Predators: Within & Without

  1. If I were you, I would also look up the role of Cultural Marxism as well as its ideological roots. It is a known fact that Georg Lukács, one of the first proponents of Cultural Marxism, implemented mandatory sex education for children as young as seven in Hungarian schools during his time as culture minister in the 1919 Hungarian Soviet Republic.

    I have written on the topic here:


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