Make them your own, a speech to Pro-life Waco

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I had the honor and privilege to speak to members of the group Pro-life Waco this weekend. Their dedication to the battle to end abortion is inspiring. The group is led by John Pisciotta.

John, who recently created the Facebook page, Hometown Pro-life Action, has organized what he calls “Second Sundays” where he gathers with those interested in fighting abortion and other culture issues in their community. The group consists of several denominations and they invite a speaker every month before addressing local events and issues.

Nobodys Fool Planned Parenthood

Pro-life Waco has gained a reputation for demonstrating against Planned Parenthood and in particular their Nobody’s Fool event. Planned Parenthood in Waco regarded Nobody’s Fool as its hallmark achievement. For two decades pro-lifers worked to shine the light on Nobody’s Fool. Pro-Life Waco created a website, to expose the reality of Planned Parenthood’s sex education.

As a result of…

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