Euthanasia advocate only way to terminate suffering is to take away life

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Rob Jonquière is a retired doctor and advocate on the so-called “End-of-Life choice.”

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Jonquière started his career as a family doctor in the Netherlands.

In the 1970’s when euthanasia was illegal in the Netherlands, Jonquière says that he met patients with terminal diseases who asked him for euthanasia.

I did help a couple of my patients and, of course, the problem with that was that I could not talk about it with other people,” he said.

Jonquière went on to be the chief executive of the Dutch Right to Die Society, NVVE.

“I was involved in the development of the details of the bill right from the start, so I was very glad when in 2001 the parliament approved the bill and it became a law, effective from 2002.”

Dutch legalizes Euthenasia

After retiring from the Dutch Right to Die Society, Jonquière became the communications director and administrative secretary to…

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