Pro-life child raises thousands for “Blue Bus” saving babies outside Planned Parenthood

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We often hear about the sacrificial things that pro-life people do to help women seeking abortions to choose life.


But one such inspiring story comes from a little boy in Houston.

Little Max found out that mommies were taking babies for abortions and he says that made him very sad.

So, Max decided there were things that he could so and he set his beliefs to action.


So I started praying on the sidewalks of Planned Parenthood,” he said.

Max at 5 praying Planned Parenthood

Max outside PLanned Parenthood Houston


Then Max says that he found out that he could do more.

Every year the Houston Coalition for life has a fundraiser for what he calls, “The big blue bus that helps moms choose life.”

Max Big Blue Bus


The Big Blue Bus is Houston Coalition for Life’s mobile crisis pregnancy center.

According to the pro-life group, the Big Blue Bus was designed when the huge Planned Parenthood…

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