Planned Parenthood doc: pro-lifers should focus on late term abortion

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If the right-to-lifers are at all smart they will focus right in on the 39 week-old fetus.”

Those are the words of a former Planned Parenthood abortion doctor.

He was the medical director of Planned Parenthood and in 1990 he resigned over a dispute with the abortion giant regarding late term abortions.

Planned Parenthood doctor, Stanton Goldstein performed abortions, and for over five years he oversaw administration at two of Planned Parenthood’s Massachusetts abortion clinics.

I’m against this referendum as it legalizes abortion up to delivery,” Goldstein told the Boston Globe, “I cannot think of a single reason for aborting a healthy baby,” he said.

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The Planned Parenthood abortionist told the Globe that members of the medical community also objected to the proposed amendment which would have allowed late term abortion for reasons of rape or incest.

Goldstein told the AP that he left…

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