Abortion advocate: we aren’t born feeling ashamed of abortion

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In yet another attempt to normalize abortion a speaker at the TED talks tries to describe abortion shame by saying that we are not born ashamed of it.

Ted Talks Baby shame Canberra abortion

The talk was supposed to help the TED audience understand “shame” and specifically “abortion shame.”

Because – if sucking a child limb from limb in the womb is nothing not be ashamed of, then the abortion industry can continue along unhindered.

We actually aren’t born feeling ashamed of anything,” she explains.

We’re not ashamed of our nakedness.”

Ted Talks Baby shame abortion

Okay, I will give her that.

We’re not ashamed of our bodily functions or our sexual desires…

Uh, what?

Sexual desires?” is she saying that when we are born we have sexual desires?

It gets worse:

Apparently, according to this speaker, when we are born we are also not ashamed of “reproduction or abortion.


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