Sexting, it’s complicated says amoral Planned Parenthood

Please, take this information seriously! This is also how sex trafficking victims are lured. The predator gets them to sent a picture and then tells them it will be shown to his/her parents, church, or school if he/she does not perform sex acts for him/her. How can you protect your children from the steamrolling that the Planned Parenthood Sex Network is running? Find out how you, the parent, can be trained to teach your own child about healthy relationships, sex, and marriage. Or, how your church leaders can be trained to teach “sex ed” in a way that honors God and your family. Then opt out of sex classes or take your child out of public schools. Check out Heritage Keepers for student and adult services. Please, take this seriously, before it’s too late.

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It’s a complicated issue that needs lots of discussion, says Lauren Dobson-Hughes, the president of Planned Parenthood in Ottawa, about sexting issues.

A young, usually girl, her photo has been shared without her consent and it has gone around the school and she’s being shamed and bullied and very unhappy because of it. Our stance is she’s done nothing wrong. The people who have shared her photo without her consent are the ones we need to talk to,” the Planned Parenthood representative tells News1130.

Dobson says it’s time for parents to accept that sexting is sometimes a fact of teenage life so it’s time to educate kids on the dangers and pit falls of it.

Oh really?

According to STOPP,

    while Planned Parenthood makes an effort on its website to warn girls about the perils of sexting, a Planned Parenthood executive goes on record saying the…

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