How NOT To Deal With A Pregnant (Or Possibly Pregnant) Teen

Surviving Sibling

This was shared by a very brave friend of mine. I was sickened reading it, knowing what happened to her, has happened to so many others around the world. I admire her for speaking up in the hopes of bringing comfort to someone who is going through, or has gone through something similar, letting them know they are not alone. Also, no matter your views on teen, unplanned or ‘inconvenient’ pregnancies, no one deserves to be treated like this!! This is just one of the reasons I can not look down at someone considering abortion, or who has aborted, even if I personally do not agree with their decision. I don’t know what led them to it. Same with the ones who have hidden their pregnancies and killed their babies after. I think that’s absolutely tragic and disturbing, but wonder if they were threatened, coerced, etc.

I met my boyfriend…

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