Dumbest CafePress abortion merchandise ever!

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So, I stumbled onto the Shop CafePress website, where, according to the site, “the world turns for unique products that express what people love most.”

What do people love most?

I guess abortion, because the site has an entire line of T-Shirts, novelties, and apparel that say, “Abortion Sends Babies To God Faster.”


There is even a Teddy bear:






Thong? Really????



And, hey you can even dress your beloved pet in one:



Now, I do not know about you, but the statement that, “Abortion Sends Babies To God Faster,” is just in poor taste at best.

Yes, when you slaughter a baby in the womb, they will get to God faster but, come on, who would design and entire brand around such a slogan?

But, that’s not the best one- how about a “Proud Parent of an Aborted Fetus

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