Vid mocks men who apologize for abortion

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A group of female actresses mock the very sincere apology by four pro-life men, all church leaders, who apologize for their participation in abortion.

The men are featured in a video produced by Heroic Media, entitled, “The Apology” which has received several thousand hits in the past few weeks.

The Apology Heroic Media

I conceded to an abortion. And even as a pastor, that decision still haunts me today,” said Shane Idleman, Lead Pastor of Westside Christian Fellowship, “What would that child look like? Would it be boy? Would it be a girl? Their first steps, saying ‘daddy,’ watching them grow – but those are just dreams, and dreams which often leave me heartbroken.”

The video shows the men admitting that they had an abortion. The men apologize to the women because, as men, they failed to step up and take responsibility.

The Apology Heroic Media2

I should have manned up…

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