4 Tips for Teaching Kids about Sex

PornProof Kids™

Parents tend to dread and put off the inevitable sex talk. And with good reason. It can be awkward.

But it’s one of the most important topics you can discuss with your kids!


OK, you know why, but just in case you’re new here, kids are getting exposed and affected by pornography at alarming rates! Their curiosity propels them to easily accessible internet porn. Without their parents to tell them any different, kids often follow their curiosity about sex, and that can lead them to powerful life-long pornography addictions.

I wish I were exaggerating!

Not to mention falling prey to the ugly notions about sex that porn teaches. In pornography, sex is not a loving way to bond with your committed partner. Today’s porn has metastasized into a hundred thousand variants of violent and shocking perversion, all streaming in full color video over any internet-enabled device! Whew!

I know we’ve…

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