Post-abortion trauma? Pro-choice author says it exists !

Saynsumthn's Blog

A pro-choice abortion advocate has penned an op-ed stating that the abortion lobby refuses to admit there is such a thing as post-abortion syndrome.

Writing for the blog Truth-out, Genevra Reid begins by describing how she walked to the abortion clinic through a a line of pro-life protesters and then, in a very descriptive way she describes what she saw inside the abortion clinic, “I’m on what feels like an assembly-line inside the clinic, surrounded by a group of women and girls being herded from one room to the next. Undress here, get your ultrasound there, sign your papers over that way. There’s a silent sisterhood, an understanding, between us. We talk a little.

“The youngest of us looks like she’s about fourteen. She’s crying because she wants her mom to be with her when it happens. The oldest of us says she did this once before and promises…

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