Communist male leader: abortion is liberating – not genocidal !

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Ignorance always amazes me – especially from people who pretend to know anything about history.

This week the communist anarchist group Stop Patriarchy plans to counter protest what they call, “Fascist Christian Preachers” who happen to be Black, pro-life and able to prove that abortion is Black Genocide.

Carl Dix attacks abortion black genocide

I’ve blogged about this upcoming protest as has other groups ( here and here) – so I am going to move onto my point.

Stop Patriarchy and Carl Dix are joining forces to “counter protest vs. “ ” because, as they state in a tweet, “Abortion is liberating – NOT “genocidal.”

So, first I have to ask, what does a man know about abortion being liberating?

Certainly abortion was not liberating to Tonya Reaves who was left bleeding to death inside a Chicago Planned Parenthood after her abortion. Nor for Lakisha Wilson also dead from legal…

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