Meet the 2015 SUPERMOM



I’ve noticed a recurring theme on “mom blogs” as the calendar turned a New Year: lots of moms are writing about once and for all “throwing in the towel” and committing to give up any notion of being – or ever becoming – “Supermom.”

While I understand the sentiment and the full heart this resolution comes from, I vigorously disagree with moms who want to give up trying to be Supermom.

I think every mother should strive to be Supermom every. single. day. I think it should be our singular challenge and an all consuming passion. Trying to be Supermom should be the reason we run with perseverance and fight that good ol’ fight every day. We should strive for it, sweat for it, cry over it, laugh as we conquer it.

Who is Supermom?

Perhaps I should start by telling you what She does.

She gave up her “career”…

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