Teen boy vomits while viewing late term abortion vid

Saynsumthn's Blog

A video uploaded by two teen boys shows them watching a video they claim shows a late term abortion.

Although it is unclear what video they are watching, their reactions to what they are seeing is very telling.


As the video, which has many vulgar comments by the boys, plays, you can hear a narrator in the back ground describing what the abortionist is doing to the unborn child.


The boys, repeat some of what they hear and emphasize that the abortionists is dismembering a child.

At one point, one of the boys is so disturbed by seeing a baby dismembered in the abortion, that he vomits.

Vomits after abortion vid


Although abortion is cleverly marketed as a women’s issue alone, it is clear that when the mask of abortion is removed, and the public is able to witness what an abortion is, it quickly turns from a “woman’s right to choose” to the…

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