Thinking Outside the (Gift) Box: My Crazy Mama Plan for a Meaningful Christmas

PornProof Kids™

This post was first published on Melody Bergman’s blog Mama Crossroads. Melody is an ardent anti-pornography and anti-exploitation crusader, besides being a completely lovely person. Although she writes specifically about Christmas in this post, everything she says can be applied all year long to families of any religion or no religion.

I believe that helping kids find joy in relationships instead of stuff helps them to reject the self-obsessed messages that are a constant drumbeat of modern media (and pornography). Don’t miss her two-box solution for an unplugged Christmas!

Modern family of four reading Christmas fairy talesby Melody Bergman

During our family drive home from music lessons, jingle bells blared noisily over an ad for some big sale on the radio. In the backseat my eight-year-old, Camden, sighed heavily. “Mom!” he finally burst out. “It’s all so stupid. Everyone is so greedy! I think we should boycott all the black Friday sales!”

I was speechless. Wow…

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