10 Fun Ways to Teach Kids Empathy (and Help Keep Them Safe Online)

PornProof Kids™

10 Fun Ways to Teach Kids EmpathyCan developing empathy and caring attitudes in kids (who are basically me-centered) help to keep them safe online?

I think so, and I’m not alone.

I recently read a blogpost by Amy Mascot who attended a Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) conference. On her blog TeachMama, she shared a list of five actions that parents and other caring adults can take to protect kids online. I want to focus on the first one:

We must teach our children to respect themselves and others.

Amy shares that part of this is teaching kids empathy.

“We need to teach them empathy–-one of the most difficult things to teach our little ones. But we can try to teach empathy by teaching them to think about othersto care about others and to do what we can to help others.”

Why would teaching empathy help kids stay safe online?


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