I will never understand Planned Parenthood or their supporters

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Sometimes I wonder if I will ever understand the mentality of Planned Parenthood and their supporters.

Just knowing that this organization kills children – no matter how many- turns my stomach. Add top that with the knowledge that they support all sorts of promiscuity especially among children and the cards are more than stacked against them.

I happened upon a video from Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic uploaded a few years ago which shows pics of people supporting the abortion giant. Well…okay….I guess there are a few people out there that don’t care.

Some of the images puzzled me- like – why did PPHP post pictures of people with placards that say “I have sex.”

In my view that is TMI all the way.

Who posts selfies of themselves saying “I have sex?”

I guess Planned Parenthood supporters do – but – like- who in the normal world does this?

PPHP Sex 2

PPHP sex 3

PPHP Sex 4


PPHP Sex 5

PPHP sex 6

PPHP sex 7


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