Voter Fraud? Did Texas county list Wendy Davis but not Greg Abbott on Ballot ?

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A Twitter image is getting a lot of retweets as it appears to show that Texas Gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott is not on the ballot.

The tweet seems to indicate that in Bexar County,Texas, David Dewhurst who lost in the primary election to Greg Abbott, is on the ballot even though Abbott’s opponent, abortion candidate Wendy Davis is listed.

Twitter GA not Ballott

Texas is in San Antonio, Texas and I located a copy of the General election sample ballot which does show Greg Abbott listed…(here)

If the tweeter is legit something is terribly wrong –

Apparently, Jocelyn Tovar a reporter from WOAI/KABB thought there was a story here and she tweeted, “Just interviewed the voter of this ballot, @GregAbbott_TX is not even listed!”

Twitter Ballot

This election is contentious as Texas elects a new Governor…. Democrat Wendy Davis is opposing Republican Greg Abbott.

Wendy Davis was launched into the political scene…

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