RIP Brittany Maynard

400 Words for Women

Oh Brittany… Now you will never know what could have been.
You stopped the train and now there is nothing…

Your gesture is not one of courage but one of desperation and blindness. I’m praying for your soul and I also worry… because the advocacy group that used you (and will be using your death for their agenda) is undermining the work of suicide prevention groups. Encouraging and enabling suicide is a form of abuse of the vulnerable and it has to be denounced.

In some ways, assisted suicide is similar to abortion. It robs the person of life with no chance of turning back. Just like God doesn’t send an aborted child back in the body of another when “our timing is right”, you won’t be able to board that train again.

As a friend of suicidal people and as a person who occasionally struggles with suicidal thoughts…

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