Piers Morgan tweets “right to life should supersede any other right”

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Piers Morgan Obama

Pro-abortion former CNN talk show host, Piers Morgan has tweeted, “The right to life should supersede any other right. #ebola”

Piers Morgan

Lest you think Morgan was actually defending ALL life, including the unborn child in the womb-you’d be wrong.

You see, liberals are great at preaching- just not practicing what they preach.

The tweet was in response to his OP-Ed published by the UK Daily Mail where he blasts the New York doctor who was recently diagnosed with Ebola, “Dr Spencer deliberately and recklessly placed himself in close proximity to potentially thousands of New Yorkers,” Morgan writes.

I don’t care if the risk from such exposure is 0.01% or 100% – it should never have happened at all.

“He showed exactly the same kind of dangerous arrogance we saw from NBC health correspondent Nancy Snyderman, who ignored advice to self-quarantine so she could visit her favourite soup…

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