Hideous Feminist Halloween Costumes

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Women in America used to promote themselves as intelligent, hard working, and worthy of respect. But, today, the left-leaning Feminist movement has redefined a feminists as someone who advocates sex and abortion.

This stereo-o-type is evident in the 2014 Feminists Halloween Costume list for girls.

On a pinterest page we have these spectacular suggestions for Feminist Halloween Consumes. Are you ready? They are pretty scary and endorsed by the nation’s top abortion lobbying group NARAL !!!

NARAL Mic Halloween

Dress up like a Nuva Ring- well…okay?

Nuva Ring Halloween

PP Halloween


As if that is not frightening enough- how about an abortion barbie costume?

Wendy Davis Halloween


Mic.com suggest the feminists costumes: The “Hobby Lobby”, The “Notorious RBG” a/k/a Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and of course the standard “Slutty Vagina”

Identities Mic


And..if you really want to scare those little goblins – you could wear the Hillary Clinton costume:

Hillary Clinton Halloween


Hillary appears to be in vogue this year and has been…

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